Saturday, May 4, 2013

Salt baths that doctors tell you big NO NO! It will dry up your skin... REALLY?

Anyways back to salt baths. I know some like hot baths, I always itch after one. I did trial and error with different temp, room and cold on the upper body and hot lower body. 
It is not advisable to do hot baths during TSW. The heat induces NO(Nitric Oxide) just like how the sun does. Back in Asia, I would sit in the sun for 8 to 10 mins then jump into bath in room temp water or cold water. Never use sea salt that is for cooking. That makes your skin very very dry and itchy. Epsom salts were too costly in my country(Brunei) not to mentioned I need 2/3 cups a day. So instead I bath with citronella plant including roots that is grown in the wild. It helps to soothe the itch esp hives. Had hives 2 months in my first flare. During TSW, any skin conditions can surface on top of the itchy, oozing, weeping, raw skin. Is common to have hives,  sometimes chicken pox, shingles, herpes, cold sores may be added to the recipe.

Getting back on track. Bath salts does disinfects and dries up wounds, and it DOES NOT dry normal skin. You can always add coconut oil to baths, but I personally like the combo of epsom + dead sea salts. When I do have intense itch, I soak for 2/3 hours twice a day if needed. During TSW, the only relief is soaking long hours and taking naps in the tub (always good to invest in bath pillow). 

I alternate chlorine and non chlorine water because my shower is connected to a filter and not the lower faucet. Guess what I found, bath ball faucet filter right after I just purchased Secheam Prime concentrated conditioner. Secheam Prime eliminates chlorine for fish tank, chloramine and ammonia. It also detoxifies  heavy metals. If this works, this is the cheapest solution out there.

Chlorine does dry the skin out, so when I am desperate of a bath (in an itch frenzy) and can't wait for shower head to fill up my bathtub. I add ACV(apple cider vinegar) to my cold water that came from bottom faucet (can't be hot as it kills the enzymes in ACV), ACV acidic helps to soften the skin and also disinfect. 

Benefits of Epsom Salts:

Benefits of Dead Sea Salts:

Benefits of Himalayan Salts:

****Drink lots of water before and during baths!!! Salt baths reduce inflammation and also helps reduce stress. 

Here's are some of my bath concoctions.

1 cup Epsom + 1 Cup Dead Sea ( occasionally ACV or Tea Tree Oil) 

1 cup Epsom + 1 Cup Dead Sea + 1/2 cup Himalayan Salt.
Last night tried:
1 cup Activated charcoal + 1 cup Epsom Salts

Activated charcoal was messy, should have use a cloth bag... :(
Next time, I will try just pure activated charcoal

Waiting for my dried and powder seaweed to arrive. 

Benefits of Seaweed baths:

****Remember to rinse off with water after your baths!!!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Staying positive during TSW? Possible?

Yes I understand and agree that staying positive is crucial at all times. During TSW and staying positive is 2 separate equations. Is like a hurricane came unannounced! When this itchy devil possess you, everything around you fades out. You can be watching a movie, meditating, on the phone with someone, nothing can distract this itch. Once you start just touching the itchy part, game on! TSW is different than your usual eczema, this itch is contagious!
I do swear during TSW salt baths are a relief (Epsom, Dead Sea, Bamboo and Himalayan). Just wish I was fast enough to draw a bath!!!
Will talk more about baths in my next post!

How to stay positive?
We all know that exercise has positive impact on the brain. When one is ill, we have to adjust to the demands of the illness. That affects a person’s mobility and independence, and change the way a person lives, sees him- or herself, and/or relates to others. These requirements are stressful and cause a great amount of despair or sadness to the suffering individual and love ones. I am grateful for the friends, love and support from my boyfriend. Also many thanks to I wouldn't not have realized this is another TSW. (FYI, I must have been through a few unknowingly and my first in 89/90. that was more consistent flare all year. This withdrawal, I had break for 2 months, so I didn't think it was TSW.
Also like to give thanks to Dahn Yoga Master Amy and Mellyana for the unconditional love, visitations that comes with private lessons. Without these beautiful, caring people whom I only met 2 months ago, I don't think I can come this far.

Here are some exercises that is best for my condition at this moment :)

Intestine Exercise

The Large Intestine Meridian contains 20 points in all, beginning at the outside corner of the index finger’s nail, following a path up the arm, dipping slightly towards the lungs after crossing the shoulder blade, and ending beside the nostril. It is associated with overall energy, bowel regularity, clear lungs and healthy skin.
Meridians, or energy channels, comprise the “energy body.” There are 12 major meridians, each connecting to a main internal organ. Meridians are paired, running symmetrically through the physical body and moved by Ki energy. Click on link below for more info.

Chest Exercise to Improve Lung Function.

Our skin cells require sufficient oxygen and blood supply for their normal work. Other than circulating more oxygen to the cells, deep breathing also helps in the circulation of lymph fluid. Children breathe deeply from their diaphragm; however, as we advance in age, our breathing shifts to the chest and becomes faster and shallower. Video below is a perfect simple chest workout.

I also do meridian tapping and easily 20 mins go by without any effort. I tap from head to toes.
The tapping I do is different from EMF( Emotional Freedom Techniques)

Here is a video of where our meridian points are located:

Followed by full body tapping

Remember to tap your liver, stomach and kidneys and say I love my liver & all your other organs!