Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Please pray for me!

I am so desperate for help of any kind, as the itch has intensify. My skin is bone dry and baths no longer help. I am back scratching 18-22 hours for the past 10 days hoping it will subside but it got insane the past 2 days. Sleep what's that? You can only imagine what craziness that goes through my mind and how I ripped myself apart. Anyways my SOS message to friends and family: Please pray for me!
Here's some interesting answers!

Friend A
Okay maybe you need to take the medicine
I know you hate it but it helps you
Sorry it's addictive but obviously you need that
(Refering to roids)

Friend B
Get a life. You need a job!

Friend C
You need to distract yourself!

Friend D
Is all in the mind!

Friend E
Have you tried Benovate? It works for me.

Which is your favorite answer?