Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Please pray for me!

I am so desperate for help of any kind, as the itch has intensify. My skin is bone dry and baths no longer help. I am back scratching 18-22 hours for the past 10 days hoping it will subside but it got insane the past 2 days. Sleep what's that? You can only imagine what craziness that goes through my mind and how I ripped myself apart. Anyways my SOS message to friends and family: Please pray for me!
Here's some interesting answers!

Friend A
Okay maybe you need to take the medicine
I know you hate it but it helps you
Sorry it's addictive but obviously you need that
(Refering to roids)

Friend B
Get a life. You need a job!

Friend C
You need to distract yourself!

Friend D
Is all in the mind!

Friend E
Have you tried Benovate? It works for me.

Which is your favorite answer?


  1. Friend F: You need to get yourself a new set of friends!

    Sending lots of positive thoughts your way and hoping your current flare doesnt last too long.

    Stay strong. Your skin healed once so you know it will heal again. Its just a pesky late flare. it WILL go away!


  2. You will get better.You are stronger than you think you are!

  3. Hi, I'm sorry about your pain. You might consider moisturizer withdrawal. I found moisturizers of any kind caused blisters, made my itching more intense, delayed my skin splits and other open wounds from healing, and prolonged my agony. When I quit using them my blisters disappeared, skin splits and wounds healed, and my journey has been much more comfortable ever since. The skin is hypersensitive during tsw and most anything you put on your skin will irritate it. I have a lot of detailed info on this subject on my blog if you're interested.

  4. Remembet to eat clean, drink fruit juice or vegetable juice every morning or night :) last year I've been through this period, I couldn't sleep at all and most part of my body is oozing, it stings when i shower especially areas where skin cracked until I'm so afraid to shower sometimes is really a hell suffering.. However, I always make a positive affirmation that I will be healed and now even though I still have it, but is under control and a new set of skin formed although I still got rashes on my both toes, Stay strong will pray for you ;) most importantly, you must believe that you'll be healed !!

  5. First pray for healing. I believe God gave me the knowledge to home remedies. Try using apple cider vinegar. Mix up half acv and water. Dip in rag and keep wiping down eczema spots for about 15 mins. Do 3 times a day. After you are dry use organic extra virgin coconut oil and wipe all over spots. Then pour hot water in cup add 2 tbls lemon juice, 1 tblsp honey, 1 tsp acv and drink first thing in morning and before meals. This will help reduce sugar intake. This will clear up eczema. It might look worse first but it will get better. The acv stings at first but will stop the itching. I'm going to write a post about it and show before and after pics of my daughter's leg. Also put half acv and water in spray bottle and use whenever you're itching.

  6. Hi,
    Don't eat anything with a sticky consistency and I promise you your eczema will go away. No wheat, no potatoes, no eggs, no nuts, no oats and no soy. Don't eat chocolate either because chocolate contains soy lecithin. Don't eat any of those waffles that say they are gluten free either.

    What you can eat is Quinoa, Buckwheat (make porridge), Teff, yoghurt, chicken, fish, all veggies, apples, bananas, oranges (I am not so sure), kefir

    My daughter has very bad eczema and just like you her nipples were covered in eczema. It has almost completely cleared up now.

    Eczema is your body's reaction to what you are eating. Stay with the diet I recommended and I promise you it will clear up. Also, please buy Dr. Pagano's book on Eczema. It is worth reading. Drink lemon juice with water a couple of times a day. It will help clear this up fast. And do not buy or eat any frozen food while you are on this diet, because you never know what they have added.

  7. Weekly swims in the ocean would probably do wonders for you. I've recently had some bad flair ups of my eczema and I started spending 20 minutes every week in the cold ass Pacific Ocean. Once I get out of the water I cover myself with Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion. It's worked wonders. Also cutting sugar and dairy out, I think they are 2 of my major triggers.

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