Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Kittens that came from heaven or hell?

Got caught up with work and here I am.
I relapsed and had too much pizzas over the month. I realized when I consumed wheat after I was off it for 30 or more days, my skin has been flaky and my itch is BACK. Is so hard to be discipline! Anyways last Sunday we found 5 kitten in the storage compartment of my roommate's RV which was left opened for months. The mother nested the babies. Long story short, the mother took off and now these kittens are living with us.

I know many of you are cat lovers. I happened to be allergic to them.  My roommates loves cats. One of them said is a blessing from heaven... HELL for me!
People who doesn't live with my condition will never understand. This is what I have on my fingers - DYSHIDROTIC ECZEMA. 
Dyshidrotic Eczema is a type of eczema which commonly affects the hands and feet and characterized by itchy and painful blisters. The occurrence of blisters could cause severe itchy and cracked skin. When it affects the hands, is called cheiropompholyx.  Because I have so many lesions on my hands, washing becomes impossible. Water and sweat causes the blister to spread more violently. Having them in between my fingers are the worst. Yes and many sleepless nights!
Some days, I used a needle to pop these blisters. Once they are popped  the itch stops, but that's how they look in the above picture. Folding clothes is also a difficult task as my cracked skin gets caught in the fabric.

I have tried tea tree oil, no fragrance moisturizers, no perfume shampoos, detergents, soaps. Soaked my fingers in rubbing alcohol even it burns after scratching, even if it helps to eliminate the itch just for that 5 secs, Nothing really works in the long term. I invested in humidifier, a new one every year, air purifier, water filtration system and the lists goes on. On top of all that, I see different dermatologists almost every month. 
What they do? Prescribed higher dosage of antihistamines and stronger steroid creams. In the long term these topical steroids thin out your skin and they don't really work. These docs have no interest in helping you find a solution, first of all they not suffering from the illness. You can present them with options, how about an allergy test. Some will say, I can refer you, but I am not sure if that helps, You have eczema. You need to apply this topical hydrocortisone everyday and take Atarax when you need to. I will give you 30 pills to start of with and a refill. Very disappointing! 
oh... There is nothing to do with diet that's what they said, if you asked them. Come back see me in a month, so I can make more money off you. They can do more, but they don't. Not here in America! These so called doctors are also known as SCAMMERS!

I just want to be a normal person. Normal pair of hands that I can pet a cat or any animal that has fur. Is that too much to ask?
Today we went to pet store to get milk for the kittens and while I was standing outside waiting for my roommate in the store, I see this 10 year old that stuck her hands into the cage where the kitten bites and scratches her. I feel in pain, but she was laughing hysterically.

The past days I have been very edgy because of these kittens. More cleaning for me, they pee and poop (diarrhea) and got out of the box... basically the carpet is soiled. Cleaning made it worst for me, even with gloves. I use cotton lining gloves, they don't work because of the sweat. Sweating is one of the major cause of these blisters.

I am also mad with myself for having this condition, feeling bad that my roommates cant keep the kittens. I research about what I should do, here's so pointers that I discovered:
*Salt soaks
* White vinegar soaks
* Avoidance of known triggers - dyshidrosis sufferers may need to abstain from washing their own hair or bodies, or wearing gloves when they do so, however waterproof gloves are often potential irritants.
* Zinc oxide ointment
* Nickel-free diets .
* Stress management counseling 
* Light treatment: UVA-1, PUVA, Grenz Rays, Low Level Light Therapy using a Red + NIR (LED) combination

I was also told my mercury fillings in my teeth( from cavities) may also cause these allergies and weak immune.
Dental Amalgam contains about 50% Mercury. 
Mercury rapidly depletes the immune system
Mercury from amalgam is stored principally in the kidneys, liver and brain
Mercury from amalgam causes kidney damage
Mercury will cause an increase in number and severity of all allergies

While searching for holistic dentists, I found this information from

Holistic Dentistry is well suited to patients of all ages. It is particularly beneficial to patients suffering from:
AllergiesTMJ Disorder
Emotional StressGeopathic Stresses
Biochemical DeficienciesEnvironmental Toxicity
Low Immune System

Now to find a holistic doctor to remove my replace my mercury fillings, will be another stressful because my insurance do not cover the good stuff! The average tooth replacement cost from USD1000 to USD6000. 

This is just only on my fingers, I have not gone into details of my scalp and other areas of my body! Some friends when I speak about my condition, they say chop off your fingers or why are you so sensitive? Telling them not necessary makes you feel better when there are days you need to share :(

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  1. Good news! It is not the kittens and I do not think it is the fillings. It is a yeast allergy. You are allergic to the yeast in the pizza dough,in yeast rolls from restaurants! I know because I have the same affliction!