Thursday, April 18, 2013

So I lied about being eczema free by end of Feb 2013!

I am not so much of a writer, so this is hard for me. I found out a month ago that I am battling with TSW (Topical Steroid Withdrawal)

Today wan't too bad of a day. The fact that 2 days ago my sweet gracious master from Dahn Yoga came by to give me private, topless meridian tapping and brain vibration exercise. I needed the tapping so bad that my body was heated up and I felt I was detoxing!!!

Anyways  being awake all last night and icing left arm till 7am. I quickly requested my bf(poopie) to draw me a bath with a mix of Dead Sea Salts and Himalayan Salt (one cup each). It lasted 2 hours and managed to take a nap in the bath tub. Day dreaming how my day would go. so I plan to go for a walk after my bath. Not everyday I like to do something outdoors. Been stuck inside my gloomy(shades down) apartment for almost 25 days now since the start of 2nd flare March 13th 2013. The only time I been outside was for doctor's appointments and Trader Joes' after. I missed a couple of appointments because my skin was oozing too much.

Anyways I ended up scratching my dried up arm... LOL
I am definitely taking this scratching challenge well. I was laughing so hard when I drew blood, my poopie turned around and asked if I am ok. He really thinks I been indoors too long and the laughter wasn't a good sign... LOL

Past week, I have been so depressed and depleted from this on going viscous no end itchy scratchy cycle. This is what TSW is all about. Massive mood swings, intense itch (every sec) no joke, it can hit you when you are in the middle of making a comment on Facebook and you go to say brb... and you never coming back for a good 1 to 3 hours. This is how relentless the itch can be. Once you start, the feeling of satisfaction turns into orgasmic minus the smell of blood.

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