Sunday, October 13, 2013

Could it be that sun of the beach?

I wonder if that sun of the beach has anything to do with it. Stopped going to beach 2 weeks ago after beaching 2x/3x a week in the summer. Did it suppressed my flare? If I continue beaching, will I ever get another flare? The sun did stop my areolas from oozing. Writing is hard for me, here are some pictures.

Yes it is itchy as hell! Can't I sit up straight, as the folds under my breasts gets sweaty and makes me itch :(

Close up left breast, red dots filled with fluid are equally distributed on both breasts

Chills started 2 nights ago followed by chunks of hair falling out. This is surely TSW, eczema does not give you the chills, joint pain or hair loss. The longer I am going through with it, the surer I am. Nothing works during TSW. Not for me at least, no lotions, not even the coconut oil I been using all this while. Yesterday a dear friend help purchased Neem powder, but unfortunately is not pure. It felt good when I first applied it, cause it has a minty effect. It seems to calm the redness but once I washed it off, the dots are filled with fluid again and it itches.

Lesson learnt! Won't spend money on anything this time around. Nothing works besides dead sea salt baths and apple cider vinegar! Trust our body has the ability to heal itself!


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