Sunday, April 21, 2013

Itching Marathon without Terrorist Interference from 1a to 6a! Longest marathon I tore up :)

After a day break, you hoping for another. Payback time. I itch from 1a to 6a, at this point not much damaged can be done, since the skin is learning how to heal itself. When you stop or done itching, it burns. Nerves twitching is another symptom because the skin is so tight. Not sure between the intense burning & nerve pain or itching is more fun. Some TSWers were prescribed with gabapentin aka neurontin or Lyrica. These meds are used to treat chronic deep, radiating pain nerve pain caused by diabetes, shingles, fibromyalgia or a spinal cord injury.

Unfortunately I can only use ice and natural supplements. I am allergic to anti histamines, antibiotics, pain killers and codine. Sleeping meds don't work on me either. At least with natural supplements, I don't feel so guilty when I get a reaction and so far natural alternative didn't really caused any flare ups. Maybe they just placebo pills :)


It is taking so long just to draft this ... Itch is relentless. It has come to a point this is eating me alive. Trying to stay positive, is not easy. I meditate whenever I can, 2/3x a day, there's is no escape with the itch. You can do anything like bathing for hours and breathing exercise, once you stop, the itch welcomes you!

Itching now... Please god, just for today!!!

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