Thursday, April 25, 2013

So what are the healing steps in TSW?

In TSW you don't know when you going to get better only time allows us to heal. The healing process varies between individuals from one to four years depending on the potency and duration of roids used.

Whats are the healing steps in TSW?
You can have one step forward and 2 steps back. So don't take this too seriously and think that your one good day is leading you to more the next few days. There will be ups and downs with TSW. This is what I am experiencing as I am healing.

1) Itch maybe accompanied by hives, shingles, herpes, cold sores, blurry vision, swollen lymph nodes, constipation, severe mood swings, panic attacks, dehydration (dry chapped broken lips).
2) Bleeding/Weeping/Oozing/Raw Skin
3) Tight dry skin accompanied by burning (skin on fire) and chills
4) Itching continues by drawing more blood
5) Itch stops, burning continues followed by chills and insomnia
FYI do not force yourself to sleep even if you didn't sleep for 2 days straight, can trigger panic attacks. Sleeping or anti anxiety meds won't work at this point. TSW can be that BRUTAL and no matter what you try, it has a mind of its OWN!
6) New spots developed ( right arm & right inner thigh, legs and face) Don't panic! ( Easier said that done :)
7) Cycle repeats over next 20- 25 days with new itch areas.

Advanced Healing
1) Intense itch kicks in! (6 to 8 hours no breaks)
2) Skin heals right away, then itch again (3-4 hours no breaks)
3) Intense burning, chills. Scratching from head to toe.
4) One day break
5) Itch comes back with vengeance - itching longer hours (12 to 18 hours)
6) Skin getting stronger, less bloody, less oozing
7) Itching, oozing, skin gets really tight; Burning and chills subsides replaced with "ants crawling sensation"
8) 2 days break... Yah!
9) Able to sleep 4 to 6 hours without waking up every hour.
10) 4 to 9 repeat, with itch getting less intense
11) Foul smell develops.. is that another advanced sign of healing?

FYI took 4 Doxepin and still wide awake!!! During TSW, nothing works, you can eat an apple and flare which you did not 2 days ago!

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