Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Please do not suggest or recommend seeing more doctors! The only doctor I would go see is Dr Rap!

Dear friends,

I have done plenty of research, seen a dime and dozens of  "specialists". If they meant well and the roids worked I be sleeping at this hour. All I am asking for is lent me an ear to rant. I had enough with these so called "doctors" who learnt from same "textbooks". Is easier to teach a dog not to bite than to educate doctor's on Topical Steroid Addiction/Withdrawal.

THEY ARE NOT INTERESTED TO KNOW... PERIOD. It only makes you angrier to convinced them that your symptoms are REAL. What do you mean burning? They don't like to know they are STUPID, so they make you the stupid one by telling you, is DEFINITELY chronic eczema! Now you doubt even if your gut feeling was right about ROIDS! You may have been through withdrawal once or many times. The symptoms were so unbearable (flares and other new areas affected) and doesn't seem to end, that's why you went back to same or another dermatologist to find out the same diagnosis as the previous one did, CHRONIC ECZEMA.
Is common for new derm to bad mouth the last derm for not giving you the right meds. So now this new derm, is going to pump up the potency of the roids (both oral and injected), higher strength TS, antibiotics, anti histamines (day and night). Guess what it works!!! 2 weeks later... You flare and burn again!!!

Trust your gut!

Here's a video about Dr Rapaport

Bottomline doctors are not healers! Their interest is to make money and fulfill their self fictitious importance - EGO!!! Let's face it, if they don't prescribe ROIDS they might as well say goodbye to their profession!

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