Tuesday, March 27, 2012

China Buffet filled with Section 8 crap!

So yesterday, I decided it was good idea to eat out after returning from NY a week eating out.
Whenever I'm in PA, this place seems the most valued for money buffet place for $12.99. Lunch for $8.99 (same selection)
You witnessed Section 8 crowd committing gluttony at their tables. Eat till you bloat and passed out!!!
I must say the place offers ginormous selection of Fried foods, Pizza, Meat, Hibachi, Sushi, Seafood, Fried chicken, Nuggets, German Salad bar, Soups, help yourself soft serve and desserts.
I used to think since I am paying $12.99, let me stuff myself with at least $15.99 or more worth of food. I don't do that anymore, it destroys my body and makes me feels like heavy weight champion.
So my plate consisted of string beans, broccoli, grilled tilapia, lo mein(wheat noodles) and shrimp. Went back for more shrimp, fresh cut pineapple and honey dew. If I get tempted to eat the other food which I am not supposed to, I just walk around and looked at what others have on their plate and say to myself, good you are eating on my behalf.

We don't stay at that place long enough to eat everything. Anyways, 15 mins after we paid we left for Walmart down the street. All of a sudden I felt dizzy, tightness on my chest, nauseous and I couldn't breathe. I tried to prevent myself from blacking out. I hurried out of Walmart for fresh air. I didn't get what I needed - Basmati Rice :(

That night I went to bed with the dizzy spell and a mild rash around my ankles, neck and my fingers. In the morning my fingers on my right hand swell up and itch like crazy. I quickly popped 25 mg Hydroxyzine (antihistamine) that was prescribed by my dermatologist. I realized I scratched myself pretty good while I was asleep. Smell of blood on my fingers.
It bothers me that I am so sensitive. If this new diet has made me more sensitive to what is in our daily "norm" food.
Not sure, if it was MSG in the food, wheat or shrimp. Earlier that day, I did had a few Traderjoe's shrimp dumplings made from wheat and some Lo Mein from the buffet place(very tiny amount)

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  1. Why did you eat the wheat noodles at buffet?? I thought you are allergic to gluten..