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Diet for everyone!

Was researching food and allergies, because my doctor tells me diet has nothing to do with eczema not only I found she was completely wrong but I came across this website
(Asthma Allergy American Foundation)

Wheat allergy refers to adverse reactions involving immunoglobulin E (IgE) antibodies to one or more proteins found in wheat, including albumin, globulin, gliadin and glutenin (gluten). (The majority of reactions involve albumin and globulin. Gliadin and gluten are more rare, and gluten allergy is often confused withCeliac disease or other digestive disorders.)

Allergic reactions to wheat may be caused by eating foods with wheat or even by inhaling flour containing wheat. Allergic reactions to wheat usually begin within minutes or a few hours after eating or inhaling wheat.

The most commonly reported symptoms seen with this kind of allergy include: atopic dermatitis (eczema), urticaria (hives), asthma, allergic rhinitis, anaphylactic shockand digestive symptoms.

Diagnosis may be easy if a person always has the same reaction after eating wheat food, but more often the diagnosis is difficult because wheat is a common food. Diagnosis usually entails a detailed patient evaluation with laboratory tests (RAST, skin prick-testing). Elimination-challenge testing remains the most reliable method of diagnosis.

Avoidance of wheat and wheat-containing foods is the first step in the treatment of wheat allergy. Wheat allergic patients who have sensitivity to gluten (or gliadin) should avoid other gluten containing cereals such as oats, rye and barley. However, because wheat is a common food product, wheat elimination diets can be difficult to maintain. Children on wheat-restricted diets are severely limited in their selection of foods. Alternatives may be found in special health and diet stores and restaurants.

Label items that indicate wheat proteins

  • Bread crumbs
  • Bran
  • Cereal extract
  • Couscous
  • Cracker meal
  • Enriched flour
  • Gluten
  • High-gluten flour, high-protein flour
  • Semolina wheat
  • Vital gluten
  • Wheat bran, wheat germ, wheat gluten, wheat malt, wheat starch
  • Whole wheat flower

Labels that might indicate some wheat protein

  • Gelatinized starch
  • Hydrolyzed vegetable protein
  • Modified food starch, modified starch
  • Natural flavoring
  • Soy sauce
  • Starch
  • Vegetable gum, vegetable starch

As with most allergies, avoidance is key. Make sure to read all labels for foods, medicines, cosmetics, creams and ointments that may contain any type or amount of wheat. A history of allergic reactions shortly after exposure to wheat might suggest an allergy. However, this should be confirmed with a skin prick test or RAST. Talk to your doctor about a complete diagnosis.

Dr. Bernard Rimland has demonstrated that autism can be treated. Some children with autism have recovered fully while many others have made significant progress. The Autism Research Institute (ARI) has video clips of recovered children with autism.

Hear me OUT: Everything below is listed not only beneficial to Autism but to all mankind!!!

Autism Nutrition will examine topics related to diet and nutritional support for autism, including:

  • Food sensitivity / GFCF Diet: Autistic children tend to have problems with digestion, including food sensitivity – particularly to casein and gluten in dairy and wheat products. Autism Nutrition will thus examine how a GFCF Diet — that is, casein-free, gluten free diet — can help children with autism.
  • (any one with digestion problems should eliminate wheat products which includes alcohol, even you don't have digestive problems, you will have in the long run)
  • Yeast infection / Probiotics: In addition, autistic children commonly suffer from yeast infection (candida) and other bacteria overgrowth in their intestines. This could arise from the excessive use of antibiotics — by children as well as their parents.Probiotics can play a helpful role here and we offer an excellent range of high potency and ultra high potency probiotics.
  • (again when we take antibotics we kill all good and bad bacteria hence we need to replenish good soldiers in our bodies)
  • Toxic heavy metals: Analysis of the hair, urine and excrement of autistic children often reveal significantly higher levels of toxic heavy metals like lead, arsenic and particularly mercury.Mercury exposure could arise from vaccinations (that use mercury as a preservative), dental fillings and excessive consumption of fish and seafood from polluted waters containing mercury.Autism Nutrition will discuss the safety of eating fish and seafood and we also offer some excellent products to help the body chelate toxic heavy metals safely and effectively.
  • ( refer to chart how much seafood we can eat a week at

  • Minerals: Autistic children tend to be deficient in minerals such as sulfur, zinc, magnesium, iodine, lithium and potassium. Autism Nutrition looks at which foods are rich in these minerals and discuss the importance of eating organic foods as much as possible.Click here to read about our excellent multi-vitamin, multi-mineral and animo acid nutritional supplement, Formula ONE.
  • (Recommending Formula ONE supplements is very generic, again every household has that)
  • Pesticides: Environmental toxins and other unknown environmental factors are also believed to contribute to autism and other behavioral problems. Again, the use of natural and organic foods are important here.
  • (Don't we all know already, GMO crops( which means the seed is coated with pesticide besides genetically modified) is not good for any living organisms????)

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