Friday, March 16, 2012

So talking about making from fresh ingredients, I can't possibly raise a pig and make soup out of it! So yes I made soup with pork bones today :(
For almost a month now, I fell like I am eating the same dish everyday. I know I can make a vegetarian soup, but I wanted a Chinese soup with Organic goji berries. This soup takes an hr 30mins to cook but 10mins to get all the ingredients ready. You can add anything to your soup. My main ingredient was pork bones, purple cabbage & Organic goji berries from Navitas for $12 16oz not including shipping!

The thought of how the pig was killed lingers even I know they were slaughtered for my gluttony! Very sad!
Btw watch the film (click on feature film)
For those who have not seen it or too afraid to see it. Here's the synopsis of the documentary
It is about how animals including fish not treated equally as humans. They all have the right to live on this earth hence the word earthlings. The hidden camers in all these slaughtered houses/circus and research labs shows how cruel the animals were treated before they were tortured/slaughtered for our consumption, pleasure and scientific reasons. These animals know they were going to die and some of them were abused and separated from the rest before they were shot in the head. Some get their necks slit open for blood to flow out before they were cut into parts. Before they were killed, they lived in cages and they barely have room to move, so these animals go crazy and start chasing after their own tails and some get sick from living conditions esp pigs. The movie shows how the pig has broken legs, huge growths(tumor) on their bodies and they start picking on each other in a pen.
Meanwhile chickens are stored in wired cages. And they have to balance themselves in these cages 24/hrs a day till they are ready to be killed. Most of them cut their feet open from the wired cages. (Very gross) So from these infections, these DEAD & SICK animals are consumed by us. Some of these sick animals are treated with antibotics which is indirectly in our stomachs:) Either way is very sad to see how these animals died.
The documentary also talks about wastage, some animals are killed redundantly because each household throws out so much food that is not consumed. We consumed more meat than we ever had in the past. One pound of meat was for a family of 4 in China for a week. We eat about 2lbs meat easily each meal. So what happens to the wastage? It goes into our lands and oceans. Hence our seafood has high toxic levels. And back into our stomach.
So the theory whatever comes around goes around. I am guilty of it too!!!

Like I said I have such high respect for those who are vegetarian, they are one level above mankind! I am trying so hard to achieve my daily routine and some days is not easy!

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