Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Food Addiction!

Recipe for Rash Attack:
3 Shrimp Dumplings(wheat flour)
2 Bites of Lo Mein
Let it sit for 12 hours
1 thick chunk of milk chocolate with almonds
30 secs add more if required
1 big bite of cheese pizza

So over the pass few days, I have been a scapegoat with my own food experiments. I want to be able to eat a slice of bread with peanut butter once in a while. I crave for milk chocolates! Once you start with sugar, is like the saying Don't start playing with fire. My body is not completely free of yeast hence the tiny amount of sugar brings yeast back to life.
It will make you drive to the nearest gas station at 2 in the am just for a bag of M&M's and it takes no more than 5 mins to finish the bag.
Yes food is an addiction! If you cant say NO to sugar!

So I bought organic sprouted wheat bread (and it says flourless) from Alvarado Bakery.
Whats the difference between sprouted wheat and whole wheat?
Sprouted grain bread has a few advantages over whole wheat bread. Whole wheat bread is made from whole wheat kernels ground into flour, while sprouted grain bread is made from kernels that are allowed to sprout before they're baked into bread. Many sprouted grain breads are made not only from wheat kernels but from a variety of grains and legumes, such as barley, oat, millet and even lentils. Sprouted grains are also easier to digest compared to other whole grains, and the sprouting process increases the bioavailability of certain vitamins and minerals in the bread.


Since I have been tested negative for celiac disease doesn't mean I am wheat tolerant.
Sprouted wheat bread may be better tolerated than bread made with whole or refined wheat flour. Going to do a one slice test in a couple of days and keep you all updated.

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