Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Stuffed Peppers with confetti rice

Stuffed Peppers with Confetti Rice

You can use the ready to go individual rice bags( takes 10mins to cook and the water drains out when you lift these bags out of the pot)
Shaved Parmesan
Shredded Carrots
Roasted Tomatoes (Diced)
Handful Sliced Mushroom(Optional)
1 Chopped red onion
Everyday Seasoning from Traderjoes or Adobo
Salt and Pepper
Soy Sauce (optional)
Olive Oil

Pre heat oven to 450 temp. Use a sheet of foil over the pan( less mess)
Drizzle 2/3 tablespoon olive oil over 3 peppers with top cut off. Just roll the outer skin with oil that you drizzled. So you have the outside of the peppers coated with oil.
p/s Throw in the tomatoes with the peppers.
Stick it in the oven facing up (like the image) or on the sides including the tops for 5 mins at 400 temp. Re position the peppers whenever :) Turn oven down to 275/300 temp or less, depending on how long you take to cook the rice. I usually leave it on for another 10 mins at 300 then turned it off or leave it on the lowest temp. Leave peppers in oven while making the rice.

Confetti Rice:
Cook packet rice in a pot of water ( 1 packet for each individual)
In a pan, add olive oil and some butter(optional)
Add shredded red onion, after 5 mins add carrots, sprinkle everyday or Adobo seasoning
When your carrots is almost cooked add sliced mushrooms for 4 mins.
Add remaining ingredients including rice in low flame for 2 mins while stirring all ingredients together.

Take the peppers out from oven, stuffed it and leave it in the oven for another 5 to 10 mins.
Add remaining shaved Parmesan on top of the rice.
Set the tops( if they are well roasted( saggy looking) aside.
It seems alot of work, but it doesn't take more than 40mins for everything.

The red peppers may not hold all the rice, so the remaining rice is served outside the stuffed pepper on a plate :). Don't throw out the juice from the roasted peppers, just pour it over the rice!

For those who wants meat, you can add any chopped meat to the rice mix

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